XI (2022)

These are my favorites:

Dreams of a Zealous Zote (Never played or heard of the game but it's a great track.)

Rise of the Phoenix (Dual Destinies was my first Ace Attorney game, so it's one I really love.)

Fate of the Galaxy (I always wondered what a metal arrangement of this track sounded like, it's so good.)

Big Bad Bowser Showdown!
The Elder Sister's Elegy

Legend of the Saddened Star (Now I want to know what the remakes version will sound like.)

Snowman's Slide
Phazon's Prime
Freedom of Expression
A Stroll to the End (Beating the game a few months ago makes me appreciate this arrangement even more!)

In the Fire Sea (2022 Remaster)
Catch That Mole! (2022 Remaster)