Xenosaga Original Soundtrack (2002)

Woooooo,i like this~~~

but i can't download xenosaga music,,,
I can't gbet onto dev. art here (work). I'll check it out when I can. Everbuddy will have to comment more in my stead.
Xenosaga absolutely kicks Anus and its predasasor, Xenogears , is truly amazing. the music is wonderfull and also kicks anus...ans the fact that john williams composed the music made it all the more better
All songs wonderful and in amazing quality^^!
Persoanlly this is the second time i've redownloaded the songs, its been 2 years since I did before!(o.0 back when I had the game)
It did take a few min. to click on every single song to download them since I am to lazy for an account, but still none the less good music!
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