Wario World (GC) (gamerip) (2003)

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What a terrible upload! All of these tracks were taken from the videogame AND THEY SOUND LIKE CRAP!

Such a shame, since this game has one of the most hilarious soundtracks i've ever heard!

Witho ut the in-game sounds, this would get a 9, but nope...


Guest Reviewer

The tracks are filled with sound effects from the game. You can hear Wario talk as the level starts, Wario talk as he's been sitting in one place for too long, and even footsteps and level ambiance on a number of tracks.


Should've made the Pause Theme 50 minutes long lol
Or on a more serious note, extend it to at least 2-3 minutes, because it's surprisingly short.


Great upload! I'm not sure what the other people in the replies are talking about with the footstep sounds and sound effects interrupting the music? Maybe they are talking about an older upload or something, because this one right here is really good! I don't hear any sound effects and the music itself is very high quality! I'm glad that I can enjoy such fun, creepy and wacky tunes! Thank you for this amazing upload. šŸ˜„


I came for almost a whole hour of Wario going "NAH, NAH NYEE NYAH NAAAAAAAAH! NAH, NAH NYEE NYAH NAAAAAAAAH!", not him going "SORRY!" when it hasn't even reached the 50-minute mark.