Obviously I like to play the game in the arcade with my favourite beer Stella Artoris. Now I can at least enjoy the music at home!!! You guys rocks!!! So much thanks!!!
Thanks for all the songs.
When can I get the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 OST? All of them are really nice, adrenaline surging.....
yes it rocks, but now, after hearing it for many months, i find them rather similar somehow.. maybe it's beacause they're composed my one guy.. anyway, it's good!
Mint!!! Just 'coz I heard it on W.M.M.T one and two while I racing in me Fairlady Z S30, It dozen't mean I can't download it on me PSP/Laptop. I LV Blue Blaze coz it about 8 MINS. So Upbeat gas Junkie coz trumpets. I Like U Guyz!
It SO, SO SWEET! That Soundtrack is so ultra cool that it corroded my HI-FI by a drip of squeezed orange juice! When I got me Lappy, I try download Maxi 3 from isohunt Torrants and rip it on CD. My Dad done me Maxi 2 and great hevens it came with Maxi 1 in Maxi 2. P.S: Can you upload Wangan Maxi 3 OST please
Yuzo Koshiro is da man. Another impressive foray into the world of techno/trance. What I love most about the Wangan soundtracks is how uniform they are. Yes, they all sound similar...and THAT is the point!

I wish ALL racing game soundtracks would just stick with fast bass thumping, adrenaline pumping beats and leave out the esoteric crap that I don't want to listen to while driving at the edge of sanity. Wipeout and Gran Turismo are so guilty of this.

Sure, the soundtracks have more variety and are great if you're just sitting around listening.
But who the hell wants to hear a slow-holy cow,sometimes-wonky beat while driving at 300 miles an hour? Breaks my concentration, nigga.

Give me Koshiro's slightly generic soundtrack anyday. Anyway, great music, great game.