Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines Audio

For anyone who played the game, this is essential. For anyone else, I still recommended it for those looking for inspiring moods/ambience for your role-playing sessions.
That was the best game i have ever played and soundtrack is also great. You should really have it. I'm sure that you're going to listen to soundtrack for 100 times at least.
I've enjoyed this game!
Great work, it's a real pleasure to hear again these tortured song from this "so special" game. I'm still waiting for another vampire game of this kind.
I LOVE this game!
The soundtracks are amazing and each unique in their own way :)
And yes, great for RolePlaying, and umm anything else ;)
Glaze is my favourite track :D
One of the best games ever made. Mission Impossible combat made the game feel epic as I stormed LaCroix's building with Brujah Anarch and anihilated everything on my path.
I never get tired of playing this game and listening to the soundtrack. Wished they would have came out with World of Darkness. sigh....