Unreal Tournament 2004 (gamerip)

Music from the game, superb! Great collection! Any fan of the game most likely enjoy the music in it too. Worth downloading. Nostalgic!
Thank you:) I like this game:)Thank you very much.
I think Kr-Action2v2 is the best song:D pff I should write 100 words? lol :S I could not speak english , just a little:)
Roughinery is missignng... The file is called KR-Roughinery and is not included here unfortunate so this is incomplete, plus he quality is low, at 128.
It is very good idea to host this soundtrack, because the most of those tracks aren't in officcial soundtrack. But some melodies (Roughinery and Wasteland) are lost, so please find this.
This is the most complete ut2k4 set I've seen! Even got some bonus pack tracks in there. The only thing that would make this better is if they were in the original ogg format :)
Now that's action-thriller music.Always loved this game and its graphics as well. My favourites are ut2004menu, ut2003menu, hyperblast,infi ltrate and corrugation.tha nx for these tracks