Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (PS1, Dreamcast, Windows) (gamerip) (2000)

Yes. What you guys said.
Also it's missing the one track that 'technically' is part of the game's soundtrack though the song is never actually heard during any gameplay it's heard when you unlock the tape for the character: Kareem Campbell .. this one track plays that you don't hear in the actual game like the other songs.. But i'm pretty sure the track is called "City Stars" or something like that. They should (or may as well) go ahead & include it into this soundtracks playlist. AS well as the music that's included that isn't really performed by any actual music artists like that groovy menu music.
"Spiderman" theme song -remix.
That even extra groovy crunchy music that's played for the unlocked tape: "80's Tony" That song's amazing AF.
& then not to forget the "Neversoft" mini jingle that's quickly played when the game's starting up.
Pretty sure I listed off virtually ANY music that this playlist never included & should pulish a nice finalized full final draft version of this game's soundtrack that's not missing anything. With Each glitchy - playback errors / repeats updated & resolved.