Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow (gamerip) (2004)


But why sampling rates below 44.1 KHz? It's one thing if the source material had it, but if it had proper 44.1 - this rip should be remade. Speaking about source material, what was it? Redbook audio from a console or something?


This is a mixed PS2/PS3 rip. I couldn't decode few PS3 segments, and some of them sounded worse than in PS2 version so it ended up this way.

In both PS2 and PS3 versions, there were only 36kHz files. I only remastered main menu, with PS2 version as a base, if memory serves.
The track has 32kHz, because I had a hard time filtering some artifacts and noise. It's still a bit too sharp, so:

- I attach as a bonus, Main Menu version with ReplayGain for playing in Foobar, which is quieter, but sounds better.
- I attach Criogenics track in original 36kHz, because previously I downsampled it (for some reason it sounded better for me, but it could be an isolated case)
- I attach Jerusalem Fight Remastered (sorry for weird format - if something goes wrong, 16 bit segments attached)
- Old Main Menu remaster based on PC rip with different pitch (probably more known variant).


Generally remaster of this album is possible, but as long as I'm concerned, it would be in 32kHz (16kHz cutoff in Spek) like Main Manu and Jerusalem. I couldn't achieve better results with these files as a base - too much noise, artifacts, and static to use better sample rate. I doubt whether unmixing with Spleeter would help a lot in this case, but who knows.

Actually even Rayman 3 UBI remaster from PS3 version has 15kHz cut off in Spek with some noise up to 48kHz, but Droolie filtered it out completely. I'm not happy with it because as I found out, that's how some exciter plugins work, and it's absolute maximum which can be achieved on some files - full frequency up to 44kHz cannot be achieved in all cases, but sometimes faked a little in this way.


Thanks a lot for the rip, mixing, remastering, encoding, uploading and super detailed answer man - you did a lot of work there even in the answer so you're the best!