The Sims - Superstar Original Game Soundtrack

Glabe Glarm Euro City Version is just crazy weirdness : p

Botox Forever Is my frekken favorite and Ive liked it all this time without knowing the name : p

I just recently played through Superstar with Betty Newbie and starpower goes a looong wayy. It was easy breezy this time around.

I found all my original sims disks and loaded em on my laptop ; p haven't played in a while and the game still maintains a certain oomph even after the release of sims 2 and 3 ZOMG : p not a big fan of 3 though and I played 2 for years...

I definitely like the songs that the sims sing : p even though its in some whacked out language LOL

My other favorite is CHEBADOO OMG I even sing it!
I kinda wish this album had some of the chick versions of the songs..... that might be the only downside... Might have been kinda cool to also have the karaoke bar versions a well.... But I am still pretty thankful for this album and being able to find it here.
Thrilled to have found the soundtrack here without needing to download the lyrical songs... I LOVE the instrumentals, and have since way back when I played Superstar.

Thanks SO much!!!