THE LEGAIA Original Soundtrack (1998)

Good selection, but where is Cort's music at? THat was one of the best boss fight music there was besides Songi's. Other than that, great stuff.
This game has great music. And I am still looking for a sealed copy of it. But this list is missing like 12 songs.... Where are they?
I love this game, but this list is SO incomplete. Cort's battle music, Noa's dream (ah, so pretty), and the world theme for Drake Kingdom AFTER Juggernaut consumed Rim Elm, to name a few. Where are they at? I can't find them anywhere! Anyone else know where I can get a copy of the original soundtrack?
where the hell have most of the songs gone it's ridiculous, it's a beautiful sound track and they miss out loads of good songs, if i find them I'll bring them straight here.
It seems that in the Original Soundtrack there are even fewer track then in the Official Soundtrack, indeed, it is missing quite a few, 37 track actually and i think i can find it if i try
this is really good and all, but where's the song with Cara and Grantes(both piano and flute wise), Noa's dreams, and the rest that everyone else said? The list is good, but there are WAY too many songs missing from here! I must find them at once!
IT IS MISSING THE BRAND OF HOLY KNUCKLES # 2 BATTLE THEME!...... ya know the battle music that starts when you fight normal monsters in the mist.
8 points to upload, but 10 points to the game that i'll never lost it in my memory ;) amazing game that i've ever play! i ended this game for 3ple :D
I've loved this game for years and I've been dying to get songs from it. I was excited to find out I could download the songs here but the one I wanted most is missing, I think it's called Melody of Memories, or that's the title that comes to mind at least. It's Grantes and Cara's song. If anyone knows where I can get it please let me know.
I'm rating this down for the missing tracks most everyone else has noticed, but I'd like to point out that some tracks are borrowed from another game: Alundra. Most notable of these tracks are Cara's Theme, which is actually "requiem" on the Alundra OST. I'd recommend poking around on that soundtrack to see if you can find any of the missing tracks.
Otherwise, there are some tracks that SHOULD be here (not borrowed) that aren't. This isn't the uploader's fault! They're actually missing from the OST! It's a good soundtrack composed primarily by Michiru Oshima (Legaia 2, Ico), very underrated. Too bad it's incomplete!
this album is pretty good but as every one noticed,it is missing some tracks,and especially the one I personally prefer which has to be number.12. before the track
Legend Of Legaia is one of my most favourite game in my life. I spent everyday playing this game. Listening to all this song reminds me of Vahn, Noa and Gala. Of course, also their Ra-Seru...Meta, Terra and Ozma. Although it is not complete but it satisfy me. Thanks so much for this. Yeah, Juggernaut was nothing compare with Lapis. I loved Legend Of Legaia!!!