TEKKEN 3 arcade soundtrack 001 ex (1997)

good soundtrack, definetly one of my favorites, this has all the classic soundtracks from the original machine which is classic, and I believe any Tekken fan will appreciate these tracks
Hi my Name is Issa El-Lahib and I love this Site and I'm a BIG FAN of Tekken 3 !
Good Game !
Good Music !

Thats IT !

Awesome web PAGE !!

I cant find anywhere soundtrack from Tekken... and im very lucky so i find this web page !! :))))

Thanks for all staff !!
wow, you guys keep the good job in finding rare tracks like this. especially being a tekken fan like everyone here. thank you soo much!
I am Jordan Harris of the U.S and i must say, i feel in love with this game when i played the second one, and loved the songs( espescially Jin Kazama's bgm).

Discovery of this site has to be one of the best things ever, and i hope all who come enjoy the sounds of Tekken. :)
i think i must be the biggest tekken fan alive seriously..:p it's all about the mishima bloodline...jin kazama all the way..jus can't wait for tekken 6 bloodline rebellion to come out lol..yess and lars alexanderson is heihachi's other son lol. iam tekken crazy and a girl for that matter! lolllll :p
l haven't played Tekken 3 since "97" when it first came out in Previews, and the playstation Game system. l have been big huge fan of the Tekken series. I hope I can download Tekken 3 music instead of the Tekken 2 music. It alot better it has more beat to it. To me it a good soundtrack Good game aslo.
the tekken 3 sound track (in my opinion) is one of the better musical scores for tekken. the ttt soundtrack marked the end of good music which matched the game. tekken 4 onwards was dismal. whats with all this euro techno?
What a website. Turned 21 today and just arrived in nostalgia city lol

Anyone know where to get the alternate set of themes? I know you can access them on the original PSX disc if anyone has it and can record them.
good i really like the music, brings me back to the days!

The tekken 3 will always be my favourite game!
The defining fighting game, thanks to it i like the martial arts (my favorite character was Eddy Gordo with his incredible capoeira moves) and yes, this site is the best for people that are videogamemelomaniacs.