Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 - Mutant Nightmare (DS) (gamerip) (2005)

Something I should bring up is that the music for this game is also in the emulated version of Turtles in Time found in the console release
Yea that's correct, but I will say I dunno what exactly happened while they were remixing it for the console version, cause the song choices are very odd (best example I think is picking the sewers theme from the DS game to play in Alleycat Blues why didn't they just pick the remix of the 03 streets theme that plays in the city themed level in the DS game). The overall sound quality is not up to snuff with the original songs from the console game either, it just feels very last second, and low effort, probably because, Yasuhiro Ichihashi (the composer of the DS version), was only involved in the console game as the sound channel panning guy.
I just feel like it was some of the last music done for the game, so it was rushed, ended up sounding cheap as well as the instruments sounding like bad MIDI, had weird song choices, and the composition just doesn't always hit the notes well, sounding offbeat sometimes. It's a real shame cause the DS game has some nice music.