Tales from Earthsea Anthology / Aoi Teshima (2006)

This is so beautiful... the first song made me cry... I don't know the words, but still, its so... well, amazing. Once again, Studio Ghibli has shown how beautiful anime music can be. I give this a well deserved 10. I really wanna see this movie now!
Yes, this is also the first time I cry when listening to a song too. I just went back from a live concert and she is really a little angel.
in my books tales from earthsea, laputa castle in the sky, Princess Mononoke and lupin 3rd is the best that has come out of Studio Ghibli, i don't really see how Spirited Away won so many aworads
yeah...Her voice is amazing, I couldn't hold my tears drop, especialy for teru no uta...sounds like an Angel, this song comes out from the deepest heart