Super Mario Yoshi Island Original Sound Version (1995)

this game is the best game ever I had this game for a rental once from schnucks. that game was the best. I even beat it once. this sountrack is great.
To me still one of the best game soundtracks of all time. The game is the best 2D platform game of all time. Thanks to Miyamoto for this masterpiece.
Did you notice that the wing cap music from super mario 64 actually originated from this game's star sound?
An excellent game with an amazing soundtrack! As a certain well-known YouTuber would say: "So Happy!"

Unfo rtunately, songs 3 and 8 are broken files - they don't work. Which makes me "So Not Happy" because they are both among the best this soundtrack has to offer. Thus, I withhold the almighty 10 rating, and give a 9 instead. If the files could be fixed, it would be much appreciated! The listing is otherwise perfect.

My personal recommendations ? Song number 20, the Course Select theme, includes all of the different variations of this simple yet enjoyable song, which I very much like. In addition, song number 9, the Underground Course theme is also high on my list. It's so relaxing. :)
This game had a truly excellent soundtrack. Unfortunately, the piece I really wanted, which is the scoring screen theme after a successful level complete, has a broken link. Shame :(
This soundtrack is more better in quality than the other Yoshi's Island soundtrack on this site. Despite being few VGMs for stages - its still a memorable one and sounds great even after how many decades! Glad I was able to play this in the last span of the SNES console.
My crazy son threw away the N64 version with 5 other cartridge in the trash when he was 9.
When I went searching for it the garbage truck already passed and took the garbage. End of this dad's sad story.