Super Mario Bros.: Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach! Original Soundtrack (1986)

My one question is... How on the Mushroom Kingdom did get access to this soundtrack!? It's so HARD to get nowadays.
I heard that they're releasing the soundtrack eventually or, at least the Peaches song since its a Jack Black single. However, you can find most of the original scores on youtube of varying quality lol. What did you think of the film?
Pretty sure they're releasing the soundtrack.
The movie is awesome. Though it is critically flawed, it's still a blast for casuals and Mario fans.
Critically, it gets a 6/10. Runtime is pretty short and doesn't allow much time for many serious character interactions that don't get cut off after 10 seconds so the movie can move on. Casually and as an adaptation, 10/10. Overall, the movie gets an 8/10 from me. It beats both Sonic movies in my opinion.
Though Sonic 1 was a better movie critically (7/10) than Mario, it was mediocre as an adaptation (5/10) since it's basically just a live action buddy-cop movie where one of the characters is Sonic The Hedgehog from the hit 1991 Sega Genesis game "Sonic the Hedgehog." Though it does kind of get a pass for being the first movie. Overall, 6/10. Sonic 2 is a better adaptation than the first (8/10), but it's an ok movie (6/10), with it's main problem is it's overly long 2 hour runtime. There's a ton of filler especially with all that wedding garbage. Someone on Discord managed to remove around 13 whole minutes from the film lol. I see people on Twitter saying Sonic 2 and Mario Movie are both peak fiction. No Sonic 2 is NOT peak, it's a solid 7/10 film and the Mario Movie is better. Hopefully Sonic 3 is a good movie and a good adaptation!
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SPOILERS FOR SONIC 2: Since Shadow is confirmed for the next movie, do you think they'll get some rock band to cover "Live and Learn"?
Maybe. They should really incorporate more Sonic music. The score for the first 2 movies are fine but not very memorable. The only time I can remember where they take music from the games is at the end of Sonic 1 with Green Hill Zone. And there's a ton of videos of different scenes with music from the games and a lot of them fit super well.