Super Mario 64 Original Soundtrack

Blizzard Buffalo

Super Mario 64's Soundtrack Is Great Stuff. Like Dire Dire Docks Or Bomb Bomb Battlefield. The Game Itself Is Great Despite That I Never Beaten This Game Because I Was Never Interested in Doing So. I'm Not Saying It's A Bad Game But, When I Was Younger I Only Got 10 Or So Star's. But, That Years Ago. The Last Time I Played This Game Was The DS Version Which I Played Just For The Mini Games. Overall, Great Soundtrack & A Game That I'm Not interested But I Should Play Again & Actually Beat The Game. Soundtrack:9/10. Game:??? (I Put Question Marks There Because I Haven't Played The Game In Years.)


Not to worry: there are many emulators for N64 games, but the one I use is an online one called ArcadeSpot. It's a bit laggy, but still runs for free.
Yeah online emulators are good but I recommend downloading Project64 as it runs really well, there are many websites where you can get ROMs for old video games but I personally recommend as it's really good and virus free. Although ROMs made for any consoles after N64 take way longer to download then it should.