STARFOX 64 Original Soundtrack (1997)

I love Star Fox. The music is great too. I used to beat missions just for the ending mission song but now i have it on my iPod because im cool like that.
I have always loved my StarFox games. The music brings back old memories. I'm glad that there is a site like this, when I first found this site, I thought it was a dream come true. ^_^
While I enjoy the music, it's unfortunate that all of the links that use an apostrophe are broken, losing some of the great theme songs tied to the characters. Fix!
I love this site. This site is the only site that ever have givin me this much. All this songs is great and now i can hear them in OST, thx :D
Love the music, and I second the poster above me, this site is ownage. This is a great game and the music is perfect quality. Lovely to find it here.
Woot! I love Star Fox! StarFox was probably my favorite N64 game ever. I think they should remake the classic game for todays kids to enjoy! the reason I gave this a 9 is because some songs like star wolf's theme and cat's theme didn't work. If they worked, I'd have given it a 10.
I also love StarFox games, but why don't you make an album of the original StarFox music (from StarFox)?

All on all, I rate this a 9.

Quote: Peppy

"This brings me back memories of your dad."
Where has starfox gone? Bring it back! Bring back this awsome soundtrack too!


Don't forget to "DO A BARREL ROLL"

"To do a barrel roll press z or r twice"
Awesome that this is like the only site offering this.
Too bad it's so hard to navigate on Google Chrome...

lol, Peppy rules!
"Your father helped me like that too!"
This is so awsome! I can cry right now cause i remember my sweetchildhood with Fox :( I Miss Peppy's "Do a Barrel Roll1" :D Im so Proud of Nintendo!!! :')

Well, I Love the Star Fox Series, but Star Wolf's Theme, Bill's Theme, and Cat's Theme could use some Fixing, Because I cannot find them anywhere else, unless I look on another Site that is Better than this one, Plus, Hate the Paying Part, because this is supposed to be Free or, that is my Thoughts. If it ain't free, it ain't worth it, that is all there is to it.