StarCraft Remastered (2017)

As far as I can tell, this is a copy of the StarCraft: Remastered vinyl set, recorded and released by FFShrine user Laetteralus.

It is a beautiful soundtrack.

But unfortunately, Laetteralus initially released a zip where he mistakenly included unmastered Protoss tracks with a lot of pops. He then released a corrected zip. And what is uploaded here is the first zip.

If anyone can upload the corrected zip, with smooth Protoss tracks, it'd be a dream.
I can confirm that the Protoss tracks sadly have lots of pops and hiccups, but the rest of the songs have no such issues. It appears the zip file that Laetteralus had uploaded was taken down (see here). And since the ffshrine forums were shut down, I don't know how one could reach out to them or anyone in that thread who was able to download the corrected music files while they was available. Very unfortunate, especially considering the remastered soundtrack was only ever released on vinyl and in a limited run to boot. The only way to access them is to purchase the vinyl set from a reseller at an outrageously high price. I am utterly baffled as to why they don't just make the tracks available in a digital format. 🤷‍♂️

Until someone else with a vinyl copy uploads the corrected files, the best option for someone looking for the best StarCraft and Brood War OST experience is, in my opinion, the original tracks ripped from the game files here. They still sound great and there's no popping or clicking.