I agree. This game rocks, you can have 24 powers at your disposal, each better than the last. SWEEEET!(couldn 't find any sushi though!?!) wrong vote sent oops! 10 not 5 :)
This game boasts some of the most interesting battle themes in videogames and a score which is never boring, having often peculiar harmonies which are a pleasure to listen to for any advanced musician. It's also incredibly atmospheric, with various songs which will stick with you for a very long time.

Of course the game is also awesome, check it out if you haven't already!!
I have been looking for this soundtrack and im actually pretty excited that ive found it on this site! :) If anyone really appreciates the game, then he or she would dig this music. Nocturne was the first Shin Megami Tensei game ive probably ever played and i really found the gameplay to be more similar to a hardcore version of playing pokemon, that's just in my opinion haha.
Does anyone know which one of these songs is Beelzebub's theme? I really want it. I've heard it on YouTube but can't find it here after sifting through all the boss battle music.