Shadowgate (1989) (NES)

I love Shadowgate!! Thank you!

ahh this brings back memories. The music is alive, haunting, echoing, mysterious, and powerful, in a subtle way. haha. brave words. kind soul.

this is but a taste of the experience...
A great soundtrack from an NES game that seems to be a bit less well-known today. It's amazing how effective and well-composed this music is especially considering the limitations of hardware at the time. I'd love to know who the composer was and what else they may have worked on.
Shadowgate is a genuine gaming classic that can still garner as much wow-factor/appreciation now as it did when it first came out. The game's strong points aren't it's graphics (still nice for the time) or the gadget compatibility (non-existent, rather it is the atmosphere (far better than most modern games can manage) and the music (unforgettable, unparalleled).

I'd heartily recommend that those who haven't played it yet get either the nes,gbc or wii-ware version and be blown away by this beautiful game.

Those who don't care for games much should still enjoy the soundtrack, you won't be disappointed.
This game used to scare the heck out of me when I was younger and my older brother would play it. Just listening to the music now still brings back frightful but awesome feelings. I agree this game should be more well-known, having excellent music and an exciting story.
I remember playing this game when I was little. Funny how the music and just still pictures could be so chilling. The horrible fates you got were just that.. absolutely HORRIBLE.

Al l in all , great game and Thank You very much for posting this. Good memories.

Ho w glad i am to have stumbled on to this site. So many EPIC memories of yesteryear... especially shadowgate.

One of my all time favourite games still. :)
This game is in a class all by itself. The storyline, the playability, the music. It's no mystery as to why this game did so well.. Thank you for the memories
Amazing how such a simplistic soundtrack can be so haunting and evoke so many memories. This was my first point-and-click game ever; I remember I got it from my first girlfriend, who happened to have it laying around at her home because she didn't own an NES, plus she wasn't really into gaming. I just can't believe that all happened 26 years ago... :'(
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