Ridge Racer 6 Soundtrack (Looped) (Xbox 360) (gamerip) (2009)

aces4839, formerly of ffshrine here. A grand soundtrack I first heard way back when. I can. not. stand. Sueno del Mar. I have tried to but I just can't do it. Every other track is phenomenal though. I did work on this soundtrack.
This album was updated on 4th of January, 2024.

Change Log:
Hello! Tracks 25 & 26 should be deleted as they're not on the official soundtrack. (As far as I can see) Thanks!
Mind putting them back? And change the genre from Soundtrack to Gamerip also? Thanks.

I will revert this, but it really needs a description, otherwise it will one day be marked as duplicate of SRIN-1050~1 and removed, as it is not clear what it is really.