Track #2: Let's Go On (Contest)
Track #3: Let's Go On (Cherie)

are both missing. If you have them, please upload to our database!
Thanks, Grym Reaper
Is it just me or is the downloads for Track 9 and 19 broken? I can't seem to download or stream them.

That, and the missing #2 and #3 tracks, the album overall is good. Thanks!
Some files are missing ..
overall i am gladful for this site.
These are very rare pieces to get and you get most of them, good job.
Still wondering why track 2 and 3 not there ?
Some of the files are broken. If they could be updated with working MP3 files, that would be a big help. Also, some files are missing. Thanks!

PS if you could also put the original Japanese tracks in a seperate list, I would really appreciate it!

have a japanese version of this song ? ? i really like the japanese version of thiz song especially "arigatou" the ending of this game ^^
08. thank you.mp3 - It's my favorite song(great). If This page have "Let's Go On" , it is excellent.
I am not good at english but I can write some review. (sorry and) thank you ^_^...