Quake - Original Soundtrack (1996)

thank you for adding this! gotta love trent reznor! i miss this game and wish i still had it but hey at least i can listen to these fine tunes! :D
Not the best NIN material, but interesting none the less. The soundtrack was actually CD Audio on the Quake disc. So track 1 was the data and everything else after was this music. As a result, if you can find either the shareware version or the full version still today it will play on any CD player, and you get full quality.

Thi s game had a bit of controversy along with it. id software decided to sell the shareware disc with not only the full game "locked", but also the entire id library up until that point. So it also had the Doom series, Heretic, etc. For $5 you got every game id made and all you had to do was call id and get serial numbers to unlock each game (after paying of course). Shortly after a program called qcrack came along and allowed you to unlock all the content. It was probably one of the biggest blunders in gameing history. But for $5, it was one of the greatest deals of all time.
Anewzero u can find the game on steam I downloaded it and the rest of them as part of a bundle when quake can was going last year