Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Extended Tracks (2001)

Amazing Soundtrack from an equally amazing game...I especially love the the the fight music near the end when you get the last sword....Simply Rockin!!!
Prince of Persia Soundtrack rules!!!! Its awesome!! Greatest music i ever heard in games!
The game rocks, the music rocks!! And the last fight blowed me away!! Great!
cool soundtrack and i gust lovr the prince of persia 1 2 3 and i hope i like 4 because it look much diffrent and they bring another prince to life a cant wait
awosome no the great the best game and the music this web site is the great I pend 2 years serach for this music and this website imeditly give it to me iam so happy
if i had a rating of some 1000000 i would give this game and its music.... the best game and music i ve ever seen or heard.... the prison sound, and the magic cavern sound tracks r just amazing
OMG! I'm so in love with this game and its tracks. Especially "Introducing the Prince" and "The Prison"

Thank you for providing them...:)