Pokémon Sound Anime Collection (1998)

This album is the pokemon fan's dream! The battle music and background music bring back happy memories of the original red and blue version games. The first song (the Japanese intro) cannot be fully appreciated until the intro to the japanese episode has actually been seen.

This song is great for pokemon fans, but for those who just casually play the games, or are just looking for good music, this may be an album to skip.
Pokemon Trainer: Peach, return. Go! Gyarados!(We hear Gyarados's sound from Pokemon Red on GameBoy as it came out from its Poke Ball)
Ganon: You dare bring Gyarados to my lair?! You must die!!
Pokemon Trainer: Go, Ivysaur!(Poke Ball lets ivysaur to come out)
Ivysaur: Ivysaur.
Pokemon Trainer: Ivysaur, use Razor Leaf! (Ivysaur uses razor leaf, but it changes to Moon Tiara Magic, where Sailor Moon uses it to defeat the enemies) What?! i said Razor Leaf, not Moon Tiara Magic. shame on you.(ivysaur worries) Ivysaur, return. Charizard, i choose you!(Poke Ball lets charizard to come out, we hear charizard roars) Charizard, use Flamethrower!(Charizard uses Flamethrower with its fingers to shoot, kinda like Mars Fire Ignite.) I said Flamethrower, not Mars Fire Ignite. Charizard, try again!(Charizard tries that again, but with its mouth) Yeah! that's it! Charizard, return. Squirtle, I choose you!(Poke Ball lets Squirtle to come out) Squirtle, use Water Gun!(Squirtle tries to use Shine Aqua Illusion, but it turns back to Water Gun as he spits out water) You did it! way to go, Squirtle!
Squirtle: Squirtle Squirtle.
Pokemon Trainer: Squirtle, return.(Squirtle turns back into the Poke Ball) thank you guys, you deserve a long rest.
Pokemon Trainer:pikachu, i choose you!
Pokemon Trainer:Let's have a rare heatstorm. Pikachu, use Thunder!
Pikachu:pika!(Pikachu throws luna pen to Sailor Moon) Pika-Chuuuuuuuu!!!!!(Pikachu used Thunder at Charizard)
Announcer:The air is heating up as we join the finals here at Pokemon Stadium 2008 between the battle of Ash with the Dark Moon Circus and Gary with the Black Moon Clan.
Gary Oak:Give it up, Ash. you can never win.
Ash Ketchum:We'll see about that. Go! Cele Cele!(Wigglytuff is sent out)
Gary Oak:Wigglytuff. huh? well two can play at that game! I Choose you! Heracross!(Heracross is sent out)
Ash Ketchum:I hope Bug-types was weakened by fire. Cele Cele, return!(Wigglytuff is switching out) I choose you! Besu Besu!(Magmar is sent out, we hear Magmar's cry)
Gary Oak:Heracross, use your Megahorn!
Ash Ketchum:Besu Besu, dodge it!(Magmar dodges its Megahorn) alright. now, counter attack with Flamethrower!(Magmar uses Flamethrower at Heracross, and it's super effective!)
Sailor Mini Moon:Action!
Dawn:I choose you! Barbra Streisand!
Sailor Mini Moon:Cut! cut, cut ,cut ,cut! not Barbra Streisand, Drifblim! I choose you, Drifblim! let's do this again. action!
Dawn:I call out my Tentacruel!(Tentacruel is sent out, we hear Tentacruel's cry)
Andrew:Oh, yeah? Steelix, Go!(Steelix is sent out, we still hear Steelix's cry)
Dawn:Tentacruel, do a Waterfall!(Tentacruel uses Waterfall at Steelix)
Andrew:Steelix, Iron Tail, now!(Steelix uses Iron Tail at Tentacruel)
Dawn:Quickly, Tentacruel, drop a glass shoe with your Surf!(Tentacruel uses Surf at Steelix)
Andrew:Don't let her drop the glass slippers, Steelix. dodge and counter with Thunder Fang!(Steelix uses Thunder Fang at Tentacruel)
Dawn:Now! Tentacruel, slap him across the face with another big floppy Water Pulse!(Tentacruel uses Water Pulse at Steelix. and Steelix fainted)
Andrew:Oh, no! Steelix, you've been injured by his Water Pulse! Steelix, return!
Dawn:This is it! Tentacruel, use your Waterfall now!(Tentacruel is using Waterfall)
Andrew:Wait a sec. i don't have a Pokemon.(Tentacruel uses Waterfall at Andrew) ew, gross. got wet Tentacruel Waterfall all over my face.
Dawn:Now! Tentacruel, Finish him off with Surf!
Andrew:No. holy smokes, stop this, right now. you're sick, dearie. i'm outta here!
Nice collection. Wish I would've heard that one battle song that was played when in the johto region, though. You could here it clearly in the Pokemon Master Quest episode where Ash's Charizard battles Gary's Blastoise.
porra isso é ma merda vai da o cu na esquina quem criouo essa merda de site q num tem porra nenhuma de pokemon pocket monsters é uma putaria esse caralho que num serve pra porra nenhuma isso é uma merda
it would be very cool to upload the soundtrack from the other pokemon seasons for example the hoenn and sinnoh seasons
are you able to do that, please?
would be perfect
Hmm....there seems to be a song missing. I'm sure most of y'all have heard it before, it's like a heavy death battle music or something. If you don't know what im talking about then try going to Megavideo or Youtube and look for Volcanic Panic or Episode 59. Right beginning preview is where the song starts.
Which one is the one where we see in The Bridge Bike Gang episode, Riddle Me This episode, and the Friend And Foe Alike episode...

The drawbridge begins to rise...
Magmar makes his pokemon debute against pikachu...
Charmander vs. Pikachu...

Its all the same one music, I just need the specifics.
Where the hell is the anime version for the Champion Battle Theme?

It's the most epic song used out of all the battle music used in the anime, and it's not here. Wtf man?!
I LOVE POKEMON!!! The music is so epic!! However, I'm disappointed that I can't find the music that plays in the first episode when Ash is riding the bike in the storm to save Pikachu from the Spearow..
There are a few songs that are missing that i want more specifically is the Kanto Gym Intense Action, and Kanto Trainer Battle