Pocket Monsters Suuji o Tsukamaeyou! (Pico) (gamerip) (2002)

I wanted to give some explanations and changes about this soundtrack:
- I started ripping the tracks again when I realized that the previous ones were of poor quality.
- The music in FLAC format proposed here are REALLY in FLAC, they are not music in lossy format converted to FLAC, but from the original WAV format, which is lossless.
- I reworked the fade out of the looping tracks.
- If you had already downloaded these tracks before, note that I removed the "Pokémon Gallery" music, which was exactly the same as "Minigame Intro".
- Concerning the titles, I based on the titles that are usually given to these tunes, but I took the decision to rename:
- - Jigglypuff's Song, formerly Purin's Lullaby, because this music is a cover of the original Pokémon Red and Blue. So I reused the official title of this music.
- - Failure and Success, formerly You Lost and You Win, in order to sound a bit more impersonnal.
- Concerning the tags, Arc System Works is credited in all tracks. I also added:
- - Hirokazu Tanaka, original composer of the Japanese anime season 1 credits, whose music was reused for Title Screen, Flying Pokémon Cathing and Success.
- - Junichi Masuda, original composer of Jigglypuff's Song in Pokémon Red and Blue.