I don't know what this album is from, but because i'm such a big fan of Nobuo Uematsu, i decided to take a look anyway. I'm glad I did, because the songs were better than i expected. Especially Phantsmagoria. I don't know why, but when i listened to that, i just got a big smile on my face. Nobuo's the best. i'll give it a 9 only 'cause there's only 11 songs on this album.
This is not attached to any game. This disc is very emotional and complex. To listen to it is to take a journey through the universe and into yourself. Many songs have spoken Japanese, which compliment it beautifully. If you liked the Final Fantasy Friends CD, you will love this.

The disc is made up of soft synth and very crisp acoustic instruments.
Uematsu is a master of capturing emotions in his music, almost to a spiritual level.
Very good relaxing and healing music.
Don't expect to hear epic battle songs like One Winged Angel.

This disc is no longer made and a rarity to find.
Copies exist. I bought mine years ago and glad I did. Expect to pay a hefty premium, but as far as music quality goes it is worth having a piece of the Master. Look for it on Amazon or perhaps Tokyopop.