PaRappa the Rapper Original Soundtrack (1996)

This album is one of the greatest albums I have even heard. I remember liking all of the songs when I played this game on the PS2 and I wanted the full soundtrack so that I could listen to the music without having to go to the game. Therefore, this is one of my favorite albums.
amazing ost. however, the game is weird, strange and 1.5% chaotic. but the rest of the game was good.
plus, i smash the pc keys on a ps1 emulator and BELIVED.
Most likely this is the game that inspired Friday Night Funkin. Now, I used to like FNF until it just became memes and lazy songs, and it was a good game. But this game is better in almost every way. It has funnier and more memorable characters. The songs also are better, with the actual voices being less annoying after hearing them for a while. This is my favorite and probably the best rhythm game ever made.