Oretachi Game Center Zoku: Akumajo Dracula Music CD (2006)

I just was listening but Boss 6 just let me freak out as I noticed the odd time signature there where my abstract first feeling was a 7-based rhythm. And yes, after thorougly analyzing, it switches between 7 quarter and 8 quarter. Im not even sure if the beginning is 15 or 16 eighth. One of a really rad moment.
I always loved how Julius' theme remixed Don't Wait Until Night, really was a fun callback.
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This album was updated on 4th of January, 2024.

Change Log:
-Upgraded quality to lossless FLAC.
In the Description tracks 4 and 5 have the wrong titles.
They're swapped.
The actual album, of course, didn't have proper titles.
So it looks like due to a very common misconception, the two titles were added to the wrong tracks.

If you look at the titles from every other official soundtrack, the themes for stages 4 & 5 are combined into a single track.
The titles in Japanese for this combined track is always "Melody of Basement ~ Fear of Clock Tower".
"Melody of Basement" corresponds to stage 4's theme which is track 10 on this album.
"Fear of Clock Tower" corresponds to stage 5's theme which is track 11.

Therefore, the track listing is inadvertently helping to propagate misinformation.
So can we get the description corrected, please?

(Even the gamerip for Haunted Castle has the correct track titles.)
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