Octopath Traveler Original Soundtrack (2018)


This game and its OST was a light in a very dark time I was in when I received it and a pro controller for my birthday. To this day, I consider it the second most underrated ost behind only Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney. Anyway, this ost fills you with life and sets the mind for many different parts of your adventure wonderfully. Almost every town has a distinct song and mirrors the life and the people that live there. Battle themes though excellent at first, tend to get stale as you are forced to Grind for JP. The boss battle themes, at first glance, seem to be almost all the same for each characters chapters, but then you take into account the intro to the fight that is completely unque to each character. Probably my favorite would have to be the intro into Tressa's part, the harmonica(I think) is just too perfect. And with all this awesome music, it all climaxes with three of my favorite songs ever. Battle at journey's end gives a nice since of finality and works very well with Ophilia,but it would have been nice to have a few other Final Boss themes. Now we come to They Who Govern Reason, a song a guarantee you will be hearing a lot if you want the extra jobs but WHO CARES I LOVE THIS SONG. One of the reasons why I like this song so much is because it's one of the only boss themes in the game that plays as your Party is on the offensive, not the defensive trying to protect themselves or someone else from something.
Now we have arrived at Daughter of the Dark God. Every time I hear this I get Shivers down my spine, and not the bad kind! I beat this Boss at level 60 with the help of some warmaster cheese,but it still took me over 30 tries to beat. Considering that you have to go through a gauntlet of 8 different shadow bosses resembling those from throughout the game, it was no easy feat to figure out a concrete pattern. Anyways, I think this game should have beaten Red Dead 2 for Game Music of the year 2018 but ehh what can you do. Thanks for reading if you stick with me and I hope you buy and play Octopath Traveler!


God this soundtrack is absolutely beautiful! This is easily one of my favorite soundtracks in all of anything. The sounds add even more emotion to an already emotional scene. The battle themes make me hyped up for the coming battle even when I am grinding! This is so amazing!