New Adventure Island (TurboGrafx-16) (gamerip) (1992)

My Rating: 9.67/10
Great Tracks:
Stage Select [3], Stage 3-1 [12], Stage 3-3 [13], Ending [30]
Also Good:
Stage 1-1 1-3 [5], Stage 2-1 [9], Stage 4-1 [15], Stage 4-3 [16]

Great art both expresses the medium it represents exceptionally and pushes forward the field in new ways. This album does both. It starts with just this chaotic feeling formed by a use of reverb and pitch shifts and slightly-off sounding notes that all work together harmoniously before then incorporating some more traditional synth tracks that encapsulate some of the best the Turbografx has to offer. Honestly, I thought this was a CD audio until a few tracks in I recognized it was native synth- the sound quality is crazy in comparison to most else on the system. While not all tracks are bangers, this album represents a peak in sound quality in an era of gaming long dead. It also represents one of the few early synth albums that capture a truly chaotic energy (the others I can recall are Fray and Dragon Half, both by Microcabin).