Might and Magic 8 - Day of the Destroyer

I think this game was the best of the series. God, I feel so old looking back on them. xD Great oldies.

Anyway, the soundtrack is amazing. I'll be forever grateful to whoever put it up here, it's the only place I could find it.

The sound is completely enticing. It's the kind of music that draws you in and truly tells a story. Maybe it's just because I connect it to the feel of the game... I don't know. But I love this soundtrack so much.
This is the only one I've ever completed xD

The music is awesome, especially the them for Garrots Gorge - but I am unsure which one it is on here xD

All in all, one of my favourite games music
Just by listening to these tracks, I can still remember how I got my mind blown away by the awesomeness that the game was. This is propably the best soundtrack for any RPG game in a long time, not only being choirs and violin orchestras, but adding a Jesper Kyd-ish kind of a minimalistic electronic tone to certain tracks, and even then, keeping the fantasy element on the surface. Just great.