Metal Gear Solid 3 - The Complete Soundtrack (PS2) (gamerip) (2005)

I just CAN'T STOP listening to Metal Gear Solid soundtracks! You put Harry-Gregson Williams with Metal Gear Solid and you get the most AWESOME SOUNDTRACK EVER! My fav version of Encounter and Evasion is the Battle In The Base one, while my fav caution theme is the Jungle one. My fav boss themes are Ocelot's and Volgin's. The MOST UNBEATABLE theme is Snake Eater, and as i told you, i CANNOT STOP LISTENING TO THIS SOUNDTRACK! CQC is my fav also! There are so many GREAT tracks here! Metal Gear Solid 3 will ALWAYS be my favorite MGS game ever. It's a damn shame that Duel mode isn't on the HD Edition...