Megadimension Neptunia VIIR Exclusive Songs

aces4839, formerly of ffshrine here. 11 of these tracks were originally added to the other Megadimension Neptunia soundtrack. I decided to give them a separate soundtrack and also added both the opening and ending songs as well.
Thanks for the upload, I was looking for some of them.

Two things:
1. NEVER GIVE UP isn't an exclusive track from Victory II Realize, it was already in the original Victory II.
2. An exclusive track is missing. The name of the track is Shogun, it's played during the first fight against Affimojas.
You seem to be correct on both accounts. However, NEVER GIVE UP wasn't on the original OST for the original VII, just like one of the Spelunker themes, so I only assumed. They will be fixed soon.