Mega Man Zero 2 (2003) (GBA)


Mega Man Zero 2's Soundtrack Is One Of The Best Mega Man Soundtracks I've Ever Heard. The Game Itself Is The 2nd Best Of The Zero Series & In My Top 10 Mega Man Games. Grinding Is No Longer Issue For Weapons & Cyber Eleves. After Your First Stage You Should At Least Have The Triple Slash. Cyber Eleves Don't Require Insane Amounts Of Energy Crystals Like In Mega Man Zero 1. (Health Upgrades Require 250 Energy Crystals & The Sub Tanks Require 400). It Sounds Like It's A Lot But You Get So Much In One Stage. Sadly, You Can't Unlock The Rolling Slash Or The Dash Rolling Slash Which Was One Of The Best Parts In Zero 1. If You Get An A Or S Rank From A Boss. You'll Get Their EX Skill Which Is Zero's Moves From The X Games... Well For the saber Anyway. For The Buster, It Gets New Moves That Zero Didn't Have In Zero 1.
Again, This Is Just A Mini Review Until I Review The Zero/ZX Games.
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