Medal of Honor: Frontline Original Soundtrack Recording (2002)

I love this music and have been looking for it for years. Thanks. This is very well composed and I believe the composer of this cd also did the music for Alias.
awesome soundtrack, it's epic, i love it, the composer did a wonderful job, this music fits each mission of the game where the songs are played and makes it more intense on occasion
Michael Giacchino, one of the best score writers in the world, did the soundtrack to this game. He also did the scores for The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Call of Duty (the PC game and Finest Hour), and Alias. This has to be one of his best works yet, I think!
The music is fantastically composed. It really portrays the intense situations perfectly. I am quite impressed with their hard work.
One word, AWESOME!!! This music uses the full orchestra and really sounds great. I find myself humming it to myself. People tell me to stop but I can't help it. I play the viola and I can hear the violas and every other section. This is some of the best work they've done.
The Medal of Honor soundtracks are all so epic. Michael Giacchino did the best job making music to go along with every mission perfectly! It makes the gameplay more emotional especially my favorite, After the Drop, is so beautiful.
One word... Fantastic. Frontline was on of the first games I played, ad the soundtrack is forever embedded in my head. Thanks for the upload!