MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries (MS-DOS, Windows) (gamerip) (1996)

These are the long versions of the songs found on the Mercenaries game CD, which you won't find anywhere else!! Just incredible!! As to where these came from, I don't know....
I've been looking for this soundtrack for years, years. I used to keep the game disc around just to listen to the music, but I lost it long ago. This music set the bar for other game soundtracks in my book.
Amazing OST. I loved this game and the soundtrack was a major part of it. So great to hear it again after all these years.
DUUUUUDE YESSSS this is the epitomy of epic childhood music. I have found other ways to get the .mp3s, but they may be bad quality or not evenly cut, etc. These ones are clean, good sound, and the full track. Mad props to whoever put these up :)
BTW these soundtracks are great for a 20-30 minute jog!
The true spirit of Mercx
But the best 4 songs are the last one4 from the Ghost Bear Legacy.
Especi ally if you are a hacker walking down the Manhattan western highway toward the Twin Towers.
The good guys? Yes they are!
Also a big thanks!! Had the Mechwarrior 2 and the Ghost Bear's Legacy Soundtrack in my itunes collection ripped by myself from the original game discs and was looking to complete it with Mercernaries!