Make it Sweet! / MilkCan (1999)

This is a soundtrack filled with loads of remixes
of songs from the original game.

I prefer this if your tired of the old soundtrack!
This contains the song "Keep Your Head Up" which I couldn't find on the other sound track. Also alot of the songs are actually really good! I would recommend Milkcan to any fan of indie/power pop/rock.... AWESOME music and very nostalgic!!!
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Rating: 10/10

nice very good thanks for put this musics in this web site im brazzilian first visit here ;)

congratul ations for the web site

/\ LOL That's Was me Tree years Ago
If anyone is curious, this is a remix album for Um Jammer Lammy featuring Michele Burks ("Katy Kat" of Milkcan) on the vocals instead of the singers featured in the game. It was released overseas as a standalone album I believe, but here it was a free download.

Th at being said, it's a REALLY good album.
*sees "Birth Song" on the tracklist*
No, it can't be... it can't be the parade thing from stage 3, can it?

*listens to the song*

Not much I can say on this. Half the tracks are decent at best - I found Katy's vocals a bit off-putting at first, aside from Got to Move, which was her vocal to begin with, but otherwise it's a pretty good album with some OK tracks. Won't stop me from loving this game the way I do regardless.
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I also thought Keep Your Head Up and We are MilkCan had some rather amusing lyrics. Reminds me about the silly nature of the PaRappa series.