Makai Senki Disgaea 6 Original Soundtrack (2021)

This was a pretty decent soundtrack for what it's worth. For those that want to order it from when it's first heard in the game, here is that order:

A Dark Race Becomes Magnificent 2020
In Danger Wall
Clown Act
Missing You
Orange Memory
Passionate Eyes
AKUMA Drops 2020
Noble Knight
Monster Hunger
Prophet's Song
Unknown Mission
You Go Girl 2020
Golden Kingdom
Bridge of Glory
Critical Moment
Harmony Heim (also known as Harmony Hymn)
Wandering Piano
Map to the Future
Nizi-Ranger (also known as Prism Rangers)
One More Time
Magi-Merge (Also known as Magimage)
Sky's Doom
Aimless Dream
A Little Courage
Reraisa (Also known as Releiza)
Splendid Darkness
Supreme Bliss
Wandering Heart

Wandering Heart~Prologue wasn't heard anywhere in the game and is also not in the game's sound test. at least in the PS4 version of the game. Maybe just an extra song? A Dark Race Becomes Magnificent 2020 is the title theme while Releiza happens to be the game's final story boss theme despite it being used a few times earlier in the story. Supreme Bliss was heard just before the ending credits rolled. Act 1's ending credits reuses the Tiscalier song that is heard during cutscenes featuring the game's most adorable zombie, Bieko.