Mafia (PS2, Windows) (gamerip) (2002)

It's very good music! I was play in this gam, an one of songs was incredible, but i don't know the name... I must download all songs...;/
Great game
Czech game
I am czech so i must try it .) and when i try it i absolutly fell in love. GREAT GAME
And czech original dub is great. Voice of mine hero is magnificant.
Btw music is very good
Whats the name of the song that is on when u finish the game and see titles. not the theme when U turn on titles by urself, only when u finish the game.
please help
A great pleassure , as i consider it a great privilage ............... .... this game is really amazing i cried after the game is over at the last scene ... excellent music always helps me to go further. - hats off u all
A well known Czech game i.e. MAFIA , after playing it i just cried out with emotions till 3 days i thinks about this game only about this amazing story and real emotions were at last when Thomas/Tommy Angilo works for a respectable company so when he watering the plants two Dons of saleari ask his name and the just pulling a shotgun from his coat and tells that saleari "sent his regards" and fire out by his bloody shotgun. ( i like all Music and specially the voice of real Tom i.e. "Micheal sorvino"
its great story of the game...and the scenerios of vintage duration is too good...
as well as the theme music is suits...and is great as well