macross plus one of the most epic and visually and aesthetically pleasing "animes" of all time.The soundtrack invokes a true sense of the futuristic and surreal emotion invoked by Sharons new age music as well as the soul full expressive characters with their intense emotions and life dramas playing out intertwined with the destined macross as a fitting back drop for the final showdown between human spirit and the heartless calculating activities of a dangerous machine program that thinks it is in love.
Myung Theme, Bees and Honey, Very Little Wishes, and Santi-U are all incomplete, break off way too early. They need fixing.
when myung kills himself with the kamakazi, that's one scene in the group of very few that can bring tears to my eyes. that whole fight scene is EPIC. and I don't mean teenage boy in America makes a movie epic, I mean epic in the sense that it moves your soul. It is good enough that it rises to the very top of my list - and resides in the center of my heart, and it is characterized by its symbolism of my academic struggle. That you'd squeeze your guts out for grades. Fly on aerospace engineering students, this is dedicated to all pioneers.
Pretty good! You're still missing a song called "Borderline". It's a slow, seductive sounding song. In the movie, it played after "Idol Talk".