Linda³ (TurboGrafx-16) (gamerip) (1995)

My Rating: 7.5/10 total (8.25/10 for CD Audio, 6.75/10 for native synth)
Personal Favorites: Autumn Tear [1], Challenger [2], Dungeon 6 (Beast), Ending 3 [19] (vocals), Fight [38]

Ooof. This is a hard one to rate. I'm currently playing through the PSX version of the game- and let me say, this rendition put all its work in the CD Audio. The native synth here is rough and fairly basic. Just listen to Holy Ground [41]- it just sounds off key. The PSX/Saturn greatly improves this album on a whole by just not including these in addition to adding a nice roaring baseline to Summer Beat [47], with the CD audio version of Fight [38] for the PSX/Saturn also being better (albeit it doesn't appear online anywhere that I've found).

Aside from that, Ending 3[19] is hilarious in that when you miserably lose the game, it gives you a well-produced emotional music number that sings "TRY...TRY... TRY AGAIN! CRY... CRY... DON'T CRY!"