Kingdom Hearts 2 Theme Song - Passion [Utada Hikaru] (2005)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! I beg of you... please get the music from the battles with Xemnas and put them on this website. I would forever love the person who did that! (I hope that is motivation as opposed to discouragement)
I see that you have passin which is good. but where's the englosh version? well great job by the way! awesome how you guys have these songs that are hard to find
see if you can get the quieter, mellow version of passion with no words, the one where if you wait long enough at the new game/load game screen, a video pops up and uses it.
Yes, I would like the English version too! ^_^ I love this site! ^_^ I have this version already. This is a great site to download music from. ^_^ Anime or game music is some of my fav music to listen to.
This song is absolutely great it is well worth checkin out!!!^^Both the japanese and english versions r great and i would most certainly recommend both of them to anyone!!!^^
This is great! ^^ Is it possible to get the English version? I've looked everywhere for it, but I can't seem to find it anywhere, but I saw some people talk about it on a private thread, so I know it does exist.
Yes you can get the english version from filefront if u seach at the right word :D i love the Passion song xD:D hope all of u can get the english version:D
this is awesome but the thing i wanted most isnt here. the dearly beloved from the opening of kh2. not the game opening but when you first start the game and you choose new game or load. that's my favorite

I don`t understand japanese so this was a waste of time. Why can`t we download the English version? This is AMERICA not Japan, we speak ENGLISH here.
I really think this site rocks and i would recommend people to download from this sit,
also can you get the english version of this song
cause it is totally awesome!!!
hey, this is great! XD

I have listened to the long version of passion..

but never found the site which has it in,
so I'm really happy that i've found one :D
I love this song ^_^ But I've looked everywhere for "Sanctuary" after the battle version. I can only find "Passion~ after the battle."

Other than that, good job :3
cool but the thing is were is the english version?
well it could great if you can get the "my sanctuary ~after the battle~ song!but i swear this is one of the best websites
These songs are great! I love the Japanese version! But I've noticed that a lot of you want the English version instead. It's on the site, just click on View All and look under Kingdom Hearts Remixes and Extras. It's all there. :)
Where's the English version of this song? All I've been getting is the Japanese version of it. Someone please direct me to the English version, Thanks!