Jet Set Radio Future Unreleased Tracks

WOW! OMG! Finally, after my three years of searching for these Unreleased songs, I find them today! YES!
These songs are part of one of the best VG soundtracks I have heard to date. It's like combining street hip hop with happy hardcore.

So awesome!
Only the thing that I have been waiting 3 years to hear! I loved the soundtrack, but these unreleased tracks have been eluding me for so long! THANK YOU SO MUCH KHINSIDER! YOU MADE MY DAY!
Pretty good, i commend Khinsider for having accessibility to these kickass songs. Anyway, i just want to say thanks overall.
OMG!! Thank You KHINSIDER! I went on today to start replacing my fried music collection. I didn't expect find ALL the Jet Set Songs much less the unreleased ones in one convenient place.
I loved this video game soundtrack. Unfortunately, it's a pain in the holy cow to get. The combination of Japanese and American songs means there's two different soundtracks between two countries. I wish you'd merge them together but I'm happy otherwise
The unrealeased are the only ones I auctually liked, im a little curious how exactly you got yhem cause these were songs that were never released to the public on a Cd, they were made by producers for only the game. Tell me some time, im curious
wow im pretty impressed...ive played the game but i wanted to download the songs so finally i get the jet set raido memories in my head again...:) i beat the hwole game...the coolest part was the last level.. i didnt know the leader would turn into a beast!!!
i like that video game music soundtrack. it reminds me of the original arcade video game music soundtrack of: sega's jet set radio (arcade video game music album soundtrack).