Hydlide 3 - The Space Memories (PC-88) (gamerip) (1987)

In my experience, T&E Soft makes either subpar or really nice albums. This is the latter, as it was composed by Shigeru Tomita, who also scored the golf game Waialae no Kiseki that has a pretty cool soundtrack. The instrumentation in Hydlide 3 is a beep-boopy but there's beauty to the simplicity here: No instrument sounds bad or staticy, which is a problem with more ambitious albums, and there are even a few nice pitch shifts of notes thrown in. Overall, the album has a beautiful retro sound that's excellent for 1987. 8.67/10.

In my opinion:
Personal Favorite: Fairyland (wait for that sweet-sounding refrain at 0:25)
Also Good: The Space Memories, Out of Freedom, Light Metal, Disappear, The New Creator

Also apparently, I gave this game an 8/10 for the X68000. Not sure if I'd still stand by that ranking. Oh well, tastes change.