Hitman: Codename 47 / Hitman 2: Silent Assassin - Original Soundtracks From The Eidos Videogames (2005)

This is Manish kumar

The colletion here is really very good
I was dyimg for such website

if someone has not played the game these would create such ambience while playing

thank you very much
a good game whitch has amazing tracks , you have to try it , this game will take ya into areal hitman's life and how complecated is it
This is perhaps the best game soundtrack produced in 2002.long live hitman.

obviously when you kill for money , there are no rules.the psychology of the assassin.

signed in blood.

my name is Tobias Rieper.
this is what i was looking for over 2 years..hitman soundtracks are probably hard to find.but since i knew this website offers such an amazing game soundtrack downloads, i really appreciate it..thnks for such a service.. anyway im rashid...and of course a huge fan of hitman

i am majid _an iranian boy

i searched all the web for these songs
but your website is the best
you solved my problem .
thanks a lot

bless of God on you

u cannot find this anywhere!!!!!

The colletion here is really very good
I was dyimg for such website

i liked it so much

Nice bgm 4 an game...jasper uses all the instruments according to the region that the hitman travels...excellent
Its truely awesome. Hitman game music are really very popular among our friends.
I pray to God that this website become one of the most popular website in the world.

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ive been searching for the HITMAN 2 main title soundtrack everywhere..
t hanx for this sharing.. its a rare collection .. again thanx..
Jesper kyd is the composer who brakes the limits of the music.i havnt seen any composer like jesper kyd.his music was really awasome.he useses the perfect balance of music not too slow not too fast.his tracks really suits to the situation in game where hitman is.jungle exploration,hos pital themes,harbor themes,dreams of istanbul etc. are very good music tracks that can make any person get ready for action.jesper kyd is the real hero of the game.without his music game is notìng submitted by manish anil baviskar.