Heroes of Might and Magic II

this was the firs series of heroes that i played and i love it.
great soundtrack, i remeber my red dragons though....
Great soundtrack. I grew up on the midi version tho so its to bad there aint more of that in here.

This was actually the first time i heard this symphony version and i gotta say it sounds like it was from a much newer game than heroes 2 is. You could say it fit more into heroes 4 than this game :p
A great game of the time. A great soundtrack to follow. Even though the game withers and dies any who have played this game know that the music will continue to linger in ones head forever.
When I first played this game I was blown away by the music..
I mean I have never experienced anything like that before in a video game (or since).. to this day this soundtrack is imho one of the best in the Industry.

BTW all of these songs are correct in my feeble memory except the town themes.. what happened to the songs I heard when I played? are there different songs for different releases?

The ones I heard were much better I'm sorry to say.. can somebody upload those?
this was one of the first PC games i've played...
great game, amazing sound!
it's still stuck in my head even now...
still play the game even now..
Ah.. remind me of my old days.. it's good to have the mp3 version.. but I think, it's better to have the midi ones. cause that make the Heroes 2 more "heroes" :)
I looked here almost exclusively for the wizard theme, and yet what's here is wrong, a good piece of music, but still wrong. Twas a very imprinting game, as all of the original team's was; most probably why I want that piece after so many years.
One of the most beautiful soundtracks I have heard. The "city of he Knight"-Theme is my personal favourite, the melody and female opera vocal are superb. Give it a try!
awesome i was hunting around for these. Just to set the record straight, these are the songs off the disk itself. This game was unique in the sense that there were soundtracks embedded in the cd itself. If you wanted to hear the midi you set the sound performance level, otherwise it played off the cd.
Great music :) H2 is still one of my favourite games. Are there sounds from the game (f.ex. magic arrow spell) available as well? Where could I find them?
You don't have to listen to the midi version in-game in Heroes of Might & Magic 2, this actual score is what I listen to in the same game! I don't like Midi versions when there is always something easier and better to listen to!