Gran Turismo ~Western Editions~ (PS1) (gamerip) (1998)

Excelent Music for an excelent game. Thank you!

I downloading all the files =)

...Rafael from El Salvador Centro America.

_Sorry for my english is too bad =(
Were some of the songs really included in the game? I don't ever recall hearing them while playing GT. They're not even mentioned in the game manual. Could they be unused tracks hidden in the CDs?

Anyway, all of the songs were great, including the instrumentals!
I remember playing the frickin' DEMO of Gran Turismo. It was like some CD of Playstation Underground (IIRC) Other demos included there were Blasto!, Tomba, and even Tail Concerto in Japanese! The car select screen music was my very favorite.
You just don't know. This game, was my introduction into the world of Sony and the Playstation. This game and soundtrack will always be my favorite. It was so hard to find, but I am happy it's in an amazing quality. Thank you!!!!
This has to be the best non-fantasy racing game series ever made. Excellent soundtrack, great physics, and some of the best positive affirmations for doing well I've ever heard.

One caveat, one qualm.

Whene ver you get Pole Position in Qualification, a better record in Time Trial, or Win A Race, you do NOT hear 116, End of Race. What you hear is a slightly more cheerful version, that of which isn't included anywhere in this listing. I'm actually a bit disappointed in missing that positive affirmation...b ut other than that, excellent. The feel good nostalgia lives on...