GRAN TURISMO Original Game Soundtrack (1998)

Embora durante todo o texto os autores façam a síntese da obra, não deixam de apresentar comentários sobre o trabalho em foco, como se pode verificar nos seguintes trechos
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Rating: 5/10

the song "like the wind" is not's just stopped a few minutes before the ending..would you fix that up
interestingly i cant find the instrumental song i was looking for...

start s off with a percusion based rhytm and adds two riff guitars, very live melody... just need to find the song name...
that was a Japanese version soundtracks album
better than the western shabby version ,but it was too bad that here have no car store background theme music ,every shopping store theme music was good to relax your intensive mind after a exciting race and feel just like you are really in a showroom. not like the western
versio n that rocking and cracking style all over it
and i deem that just a noise
Gran Turismo is one of the most important driving games of our times, while a lot of people may argue about the previous statement, everyone would agree that offers one of the most complete-yet non boring soundtracks ever.