Freedom Fighters Original Soundtrack (2003)

It's odd that this soundtrack is not widly available through the internet. Anyway, this is a haunting soundtrack, if you don't believe it, just download the main theme and judge it yourself.
i got a fhew downloads and they were awesome i only want to know if they can get to the freedom fighters medley if you want to hear it go to jesper kyd productions
I played this game few years was awesome at its time,and still is.In fact it's the only game I played and finished more than 5 times:).And this soundtrack is awesome too..Jesper Kyd is a genious.
I tend to dislike shooters but Freedom Fighters is an absolutely fantastic game. It is the only game which has been installed on my computer from when it came out right up to today and I still play it regularly. The great thing about the game is the number of differnet ways to play. You can: get your team to do most of the work (except one the assasination and sewer levels). As for the soundtrack, we'll it's brilliant. No level has a bad track.
The Soundtrack is awesome. This music is also classical music. Jesper Kyd must be a genius since only geniuses have made good classical music symphonies. just think of depicting each instrument's sound and each voice affecting the overall song
This was my favourite game in the world when I was younger the single player was so good and this soundtrack for it was amazing

I highly recommend it
That is a very very nice soundtrack.
The music is as great as the game. Some russian chorus during the songs gives a dramatic background. A must heard
i played this game many times.... its musics r very very awesome. i aslo played hitman which is also composed by jesper kyd.. really he's genius..
Good job Jesper and very well done by this website.
hey guys you are rocking i was tried to download this album everywhere but finally my ends here.i have played this game more then 25 times and it was awesome.thanks guys thank you once again.
I play hitman and when i heard that music i was freezed from that time i became a fan of jesper kyd . I want from jesper kyd to make a song for oscar nominee best original song. Submit by manish baviskar
after playing the game 100s of times and hearing the music i just cant get it out of my head, i aint played the game for almost 3yrs and the music still haunts me, its that good